It's layout customization time!

Raise and Shine, everybody, welcome to Build #2: It’s layout customization time!

This week we bring you full customization of the panels layout, so everybody can optimize their workflow. We can now drag tabs and drop them inside other views to split them or drop them alongside other tabs to move them from panel to panel. If you get lost in your layout, there is the View -> Restore default layout menu button to the rescue!

Since the customizable layout funcionality could (and should!) be a generic single responsibility script, I made it as a standalone addon for Godot that everybody can use! It is free software, as in freedom, and its source code is available at GitHub. 🎉

Although this may seem like a small update for some, it is actually super important for the project, because not only people can customize their workbench layout, which makes a huge difference while using editor tools with more than a couple of panels, but also because we don’t have to worry too much about adding new tabs, which should happen soon.

I hope you are liking Raise and Shine! Feel free to join our discussion board, give ideas, feedbacks, share this with your fellows, buy the desktop builds, share illuminated textures, hang out =]

See you!


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Version 32 Apr 10, 2021

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