Open beta!

Hello everyone! I am very proud to announce the open beta of Raise and Shine, a height map visual editor with automatic normal map generation for 2D textures!

It has been exciting 5 weeks of development and I hope I’ll be able to invest many more to make it even more awesome!

Right now, with Raise and Shine, we are able to:

  • Create selections using the Rectangle, Ellipse, Line and Freehand tools
  • Create complex selections by combining them with left mouse button and removing them with right mouse button
  • Use the Height tool to drag the selected area up or down, all with real time visualization in 3D
  • Create curved height patterns using the Bézier curve editor and applying them with the Height tool
  • Create and edit lights’ color, energy and position to preview the illuminated texture in 2D and 3D in real time
  • Undo and Redo selections and height changes as well as choosing one of the previous revisions in the History tab
  • Load and save the albedo, height and generated normal maps as images
  • Save the illuminated texture preview as image
  • Edit height maps and generate normal maps on the web browser and on desktop platforms running Windows, Linux or Mac OS

For the next releases, we can expect:

  • Height painting tools similar to terrain and other bump map editors
  • More selection tools, like Lasso and Polygon tools
  • Orbiting light mode for previewing lighting from all angles at a fixed speed
  • Better performance on big resolution textures
  • Customizable and dockable layout of the open tabs, by dragging them around
  • Localization to Portuguese

I’ll be posting devlogs regularly with the latest updates on features, technical problems and solutions, some tutorials and more! I’m learning a lot from this project and am eager to share this knowledge =D

If you like or use this tool, consider buying the desktop version to support its development =]

Also, feel free to post ideas and suggestions, bug reports and share your creations at the discussion board!

See you all soon for more updates!


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Version 36 Apr 03, 2021 13 MB
Version 34 Apr 03, 2021 13 MB
Version 13 Apr 03, 2021 13 MB
Version 37 Apr 03, 2021 14 MB
Version 36 Apr 03, 2021 26 MB
Version 30 Apr 03, 2021

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