Life is a Canvas, go higher and paint your own normal!

Raise and Shine, everybody, welcome to Build #3: Life is a Canvas, go higher and paint your own normal!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we now get to paint height maps using brushes instead of selecting portions of it and pushing heights up and down. The result? Try it out for yourself!

The app feels a lot more responsive now in bigger textures, since most calculations moved to the GPU. Loading textures also take a lot less time. I added a loading indicator while loading textures asynchronously in the Desktop build, just in case it takes enough time =P

We can scale, rotate and change the brushes pressure, both in the sliders and textual UI or via the WASDQE hotkeys. Hold Shift and the values change faster. Time is money, right?

We can also import any image to use as brushes. Right now, imported images are just loaded and not copied anywhere in the file system. However, the app keeps the brush paths on the Desktop build, so next time you open it your brush library will be there the way you left ;] Don’t want an imported brush anymore? Right click it and press the Remove button.

In this build I also fixed a long known bug about being able to see through the texture in 3D. This was due to how the engine was sorting the objects for drawing. A simple change in the depth draw mode (render_mode depth_draw_alpha_prepass in the shader) fixed it. Living and learning!

This is it! I hope you all enjoy this new functionality, please send ideas and suggestions and report bugs you find, so we can make Raise and Shine even more awesome!

And just in time for Ludum Dare 48! =D


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