Just a little important something

Hi, this is build #5: Just a little important something

This build simply includes a fix for the File -> Save / Ctrl + S action when the loaded texture is not a PNG nor EXR file.

Although a minor update, it fixes a very bad bug, and I also didn’t want to break the weekly update streak ; )

Apart from that, I recently acquired some good audio recording equipment and am preparing to record some videos, including some tutorials and more for Raise and Shine =D



RaiseAndShine_web.zip Play in browser
Version 40 May 07, 2021
RaiseAndShine_win32.zip 13 MB
Version 39 May 07, 2021
RaiseAndShine_win64.zip 13 MB
Version 17 May 07, 2021
RaiseAndShine_linux32.zip 13 MB
Version 41 May 07, 2021
RaiseAndShine_linux64.zip 14 MB
Version 40 May 07, 2021
RaiseAndShine_osx.zip 26 MB
Version 35 May 07, 2021

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