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Adorei o jogo. A música é perfeita!

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Ebaaa, que bom que gostou! =D

Foi bem divertido fazer esse jogo, capaz que o melhor foi gravar essa música xD

(edit) Acabei de subir os audios originais e também uma versão da música aqui pra ouvir, se quiser incorporar às suas playlists ou usar pra qualquer outra coisa ♬


Capaz de ser o toque do meu celular agora ♥


boom tchi boom boom tchi boom boom boo-tchi tchi-boom boom boom tchi boom tchi boom boom boom


♭♫ ♯♬ \m/


Nice game! I was able to get to 50 seconds once I figured out a good strategy. I liked that I was able to play on mobile

I’m glad you liked it =D

This game is mobile-first, I actually got the mouse wheel input for free just by using the awesome Godot-Touch-Input-Manager, really glad I didn’t have to implement separate logic for desktop =P


Holy moly, this is really funny and also fun, pretty hard but i've managed to survive at least 4 spikes lol. 

Congrats for making it ^^


Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

It was really fun to develop as well ^^

My record was 4:08, I still don’t really know how I pulled it off =P